Healthy hair care for beards and natural hair

With all the craze going on about the "Beard Gang" & "Natural Hair" how are YOU taking care of yours? There are a variety of things you can use BUT I have fallen in love with #RickRoss approved RICH HAIR CARE line!!! This line I have been researching for a while.  At first I just thought it was another celebrity endorsement to make you buy the product BUT I was so wrong!!!  RICH HAIR CARE has so much to offer for both men & women!!! The products are natural-based and infused


FOX 59 Beauty Expert shares tips about how to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean using B.O.N.D.S. ODOR REMOVER HAIR MIST!!! I love how this scent refreshes my hair and last all day long!!! It is good for all natural hair, dreads, weaves/extensions, wigs, etc. You can definitely smell the difference when you spray it on your hair. Let's say you go to the gym before work or on your lunch can spray this directly on a comb or brush and distribute it througho