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Ms Nicole Rene


From Hollywood celebrities to Down South rappers...NBA hot shots to NFL record breakers...New York debutantes to High-Society businessmen and women...Whatever your needs...Let me enhance your personal style...Why look average when you can look like a SUPERSTAR!?!


Ask yourself these three questions:


1.  Do you hate shopping and have no time for it?


2.  Have you ever wanted to change your look, but just weren't sure how?


3.  Are you constantly in the limelight, but feel you're not portraying the best image possible?


Ms Nicole Rene is here to solve these problems and much more.  She is a savvy professional that offers Fashion/Wardrobe Styling, Personal/Corporate Shopping, Make Up Artistry, and Event Coordination.  She has provided her professional services to both men and women for over 24 years.  Ms Nicole Rene has earned her place as one of the best in her field due to her commitment to building outstanding client relationships. 


Ms Nicole Rene is devoted to providing the hottest styles and trends to all women and men while also providing immense commitment and dedication to make up artistry and event coordination.  She has worked with many well known names in the industry as far as sports, fashion, the business field, and the music industry.  She has worked with over 800 clients in and out of state.  Her goals are to help people whether they are businessmen or women, athletes, new & existing artists, or housewives feel good about their appearance when they walk out of the door into society. 

What Can A Fashion Stylist/MUA Do For You?

It's very simple.  Fashion Stylists work with you to create a wardrobe that helps you feel great about how you look.  A Make Up Artist works with you by enhancing your beautiful features.  Ms Nicole Rene takes her roles as a Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist, Personal/Corporate Shopper, MUA, and Event Coordinator very seriously and she is GREAT at it!  But what does that mean?  How can working with a personal shopper or any other service positively impact your life?  And, why Ms Nicole Rene?


Your image is a very personal reflection of you.  Having over 24 years of experience, Ms Nicole Rene knows how scary it can be to invite someone into your closet and ultimately the dressing room of a store.  This is private space and also a place where major decisions are made about how you will present yourself in your personal and professional lives.  Not to mention that you spend money on the choices you make and, of course, you want to feel comfortable that you've made choices that reflect who you are. 


So, what do you need to know before making a decision to have your own Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist, Personal/Corporate Shopper, MUA, or Event Coordinator?


Are these services for average people or just for the rich and famous?

  • These services are available to everyone no matter what your shopping budget or lifestyle needs.  Everyone wants to feel and look their best and that is why Ms Nicole Rene can help you.


What are some of the reasons I might have for wanting to work with a Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist, Personal/Corporate Shopper, MUA, or Event Coordinator?


There are many.  Perhaps you are in a rut, always buying the same thing and never feeling like you are truly expressing yourself the way you would like to.  Perhaps you get overwhelmed when you are faced with a lot of choices, a form of mental paralysis sets in and you leave with nothing except a heightened sense of frustration.  Ms Nicole Rene can help.  Perhaps you need a big event put together and you need to feel prepared.  Or, you just feel clueless in general about how to put yourself together and need a little guidance.  Having someone with an objective and an expert eye working with you can make all the difference.  These are just a few reasons why you should be working with Ms Nicole Rene.   





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