Have you ever been so dehydrated that you discover the water your drinking isn’t doing the trick?  I have done that so many times until I discovered CORE water.  It’s super purified and balanced with electrolytes and minerals to work with the natural ph to in my body leaving me hydrated and energized!!! Drinking water sometimes isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when dehydrated or when you are taking care of your skin and body.  Did you know that drinking water can help


Want your makeup to last up to 16 hours and fight against pollution?!? Well, I have the answer for you... Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection !!! Urban Decay has recently released a NEW addition to their family - The All Nighter Pollution Protection!!! This is a lightweight spray that is oil free and paraben free to make your makeup 💄 last up to 16 hours AND help protect your skin against oxidation due to pollution. After applying the All Nighter Pollution Protec

Healthy Skin Starts At Night!!!

To all of the men and women out there, have you ever wanted healthier looking skin??? Skin that is smooth, radiant, and younger looking? Well, I have a treat for you! The PERFECT power couple in skin care by Estée Lauder , Advanced Night Repair & Revitalizing Supreme+!  A POWER COUPLE for ALL SKIN TYPES & FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN!!!  With the Fall Season here we know that our skin immediately adjusts to the different climates. Whether you are traveling or if you live in a reg

Ombré Lips

We all know that Ombré Lips are a trend that comes back every year!  However, I LOVE them when the Fall Season comes around!  Ombré Lips are a way of expressing creativity in your look.  I have found the PERFECT lipstick line that you can blend together to create that PERFECT look!  Lique Cosmetics is a line that IS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and you know we LOVE that!!! This amazin line was created by entrepreneur, Ashley O'Rourke to empower other women.  With beauty enhancing th

Healthy hair care for beards and natural hair

With all the craze going on about the "Beard Gang" & "Natural Hair" how are YOU taking care of yours? There are a variety of things you can use BUT I have fallen in love with #RickRoss approved RICH HAIR CARE line!!! This line I have been researching for a while.  At first I just thought it was another celebrity endorsement to make you buy the product BUT I was so wrong!!!  RICH HAIR CARE has so much to offer for both men & women!!! The products are natural-based and infused


Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, Ms Nicole Rene shares her fragrance crush for the season!!!  Check out the segment on FOX59 with Gucci Bloom!!! The NEW Gucci Bloom is a MUST HAVE for the upcoming season!!!  Just think about the floral trends in fashion and add this floral fragrance to your wardrobe!!!  You won't be disappointed!!!  This luxury fragrance will definitely have you feeling and smelling like a luxury consumer.  With the rich white floral scent, Gucci Bloom will blosso

Summer Foundation's Are Coming To An End!!!

FOX 59 Beauty Expert, Ms Nicole Rene shares her tips on Summer to Fall make up. With Summer nearly coming to an end you should think about transitioning your Summer foundation to your Fall foundation!!! Why not try the #1 selling foundation Double Wear by Estée Lauder?!? Double Wear is a 24-hour, flawless foundation that stays looking fresh and natural through heat, humidity, and nonstop activity giving you a nice airbrush look. It is truly a stay-in-place makeup with a s

Take your skin from Summer to Fall

Want to know how you can take your skin from Summer to Fall easily? FOX 59 Beauty Expert, Ms Nicole Rene tells you how by using skincare line Georgette Klinger! Check out the link from this morning on FOX 59! This is a cruelty-free and paraben-free skincare line that's dedicated to offering products with natural ingredients to counteract dry and oily skin the summer heat brings! This brand is designed to nourish your skin with powerful vitamin oils, fruits, herbs, essenti


FOX 59 Beauty Expert shares tips about how to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean using B.O.N.D.S. ODOR REMOVER HAIR MIST!!! I love how this scent refreshes my hair and last all day long!!! It is good for all natural hair, dreads, weaves/extensions, wigs, etc. You can definitely smell the difference when you spray it on your hair. Let's say you go to the gym before work or on your lunch can spray this directly on a comb or brush and distribute it througho