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Ombré Lips

We all know that Ombré Lips are a trend that comes back every year!  However, I LOVE them when the Fall Season comes around!  Ombré Lips are a way of expressing creativity in your look.  I have found the PERFECT lipstick line that you can blend together to create that PERFECT look!  Lique Cosmetics is a line that IS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and you know we LOVE that!!! 

This amazin line was created by entrepreneur, Ashley O'Rourke to empower other women.  With beauty enhancing the way women are viewed, Ashley O'Rourke decided to take matters in her own hands and create a luxury line that women could afford and she called it Lique Cosmetics (Lick).  

I have fallen IN LOVE with this brand simply because of the texture quality and the long lasting ability it has.  I have worn several of the colors together to create shades that I want or simply to do an Ombré Lip! If you haven't tried these AMAZING lip shades visit your nearest Kohl's store or order online through Kohl's ! 

Not ONLY do they have lipsticks BUT you can also choose lip liners, lip balms, lip pigment, and lip scrubs!  How fun and convenient is that!  Lique Cosmetics is a one stop shop for all of you lip needs!  

Now go and create that PERFECT shade for you!!!  

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